About Barriere Elementary School Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

PAC is committed to facilitating positive communication between the school and its families and involving everyone in building a strong, healthy, thriving school community.

Barriere Elementary School Parent Advisory Council is a non-profit volunteer organization run by the parents of our unique, passionate, and energetic students who are enrolled at Barriere Elementary School. Our role is to provide support for the administration and staff in delivering the very best educational experience possible for our children. We support many programs at the school including; Math Night and the Mathletics program, the One to One reading program, field trips for both primary and intermediate grades, play ground and sport equipment, prizes and incentives for good behaviour not to mention items we feel our essential to our school such as projector bulbs for the smart boards and and other learning resources currently not funded by the province. Your voice is needed to guide our efforts - your hands on help gives us the strength to carry out our objectives. Our parents make a difference in our school, our parents are what makes our school different. For further information on how you can get involved with BES PAC, please contact the school at 250.672.9916 or attend the next meeting of the PAC.


From September through to June, the PAC meets the once a month at a time and date determined at the end of each PAC meeting. Every parent is a voting member of the PAC and you are welcome to attend any meeting your schedule will permit. If you have an agenda item you would like to discuss, please email us at info@bespac.org or leave a note in the PAC drawer located in the office. The agenda is posted on Facebook prior to each meeting.


To maximize involvement, the PAC has options for parents to keep informed. All meeting minutes, newsletters, contact information and calendar are posted on the PAC bulletin board outside the library, as well as here on our website. All meeting agendas, important dates, current events and reminders are updated constantly on our Facebook page.

Feel free to download our Constitution and Bylaws document

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    Our students are fundraising for new outdoor parkour play equipment! You can contribute by participating in our PAC fundraisers and sharing them with friends and family

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